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Dennis excavates his brokenness in these pages and it leads to a cherishing that is tender and compelling. It is never about Dennis. It is about our own inhabiting of our goodness and nobility.

The Rev. Gregory Boyle
Founder, Homeboy Industries
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Oblivion – Grace in Exile with a Monk Behind Bars is Brother Dennis Gibbs story of his journey through decades of poverty, addiction, homelessness and incarceration into life as a monk who steps out of the monastery daily to walk with those living in exile in jails and prisons. Brother Dennis’ own story is woven into those of our incarcerated brothers and sisters and tell of how the bonds of truth and love have been forged through many years of common familiarity with suffering and grace. 

     From escaping the clutches of family alcoholism and child abuse in a small southern Idaho town, through twenty-five years of addiction, a hard landing in Los Angeles and eventually finding freedom in recovery, this is a Lazarus story of resurrection. Within are recountings of imprisonment and freedom, of heartbreak and joy, of despair and hope.

     The stories are gritty and raw because that is what street life and being locked up is. But the stories are also tender, yearning and beautiful, because that’s what the people of these stories are. Told from the extreme margins of life, they give us a glimpse behind our preconceptions and prejudices in a way that allows us to see the humanity of each person and know that we are not so different from one another after all.

The cost of the book is $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping and handling.

All proceeds benefit the Prism Book Project providing two free books for inmates, for every book purchased.

Sr. Greta’s wisdom comes from one who has lived in the trenches of human suffering and has been a first-hand witness to God’s grace. This book will change many lives and it comes not a moment too soon.

Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ
Author of Dead Man Walking & Death of Innocents

Free On the Inside is a spiritual classic. Written from a deep Christian faith and a passionate love for Jesus, it offers hope and concrete guidance for how to survive a season of incarceration with your soul not only preserved but transformed.

This book describes how a prison cell can become a monastic cell, how imprisonment can be a time of spiritual rehabilitation, and how those who are incarcerated have a sacred lineage with prisoners in the Bible who found God within their captivity. Sr. Greta Ronningen offers a spiritual path for those imprisoned.

She shows how the traumatic roots of destructive behavior can be healed; how wrongs can be forgiven; how broken relationships can be restored; and how prayer and spiritual practice can transform a prison sentence into an encounter with God. With Sr. Greta’s compassionate heart and skillful guidance, one can discover how even jails are holy ground.