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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The time I’ve wasted is my biggest regret, This prison life of emptyness, I’ll never forget... Trap in my body wanting to run, Back to my youth with it laughter & fun... Now the chase is over, there’s no place to hide, Everything is gone including my pride... With reality right in my face, I’m scared, alone, & stuck in this place... Memories past through my head, The pain is obvious by the tears I’ve shed... Everyday I ask myself why, where did I go wrong, I guess I was weak when I should of been strong... Out there living for the drugs, Not realizing the devil’s wings I’ve grown, My feelings were lost afraid to be shown... So I’d pretend to be ruget, so fast & so cool, When atually I was lost like a blinded old fool... I’m getting too old for this tiresome game, Of acting hard with no sense of shame... It’s time I’ve changed & move on with my life, Fulfilling my dreams of a family & wife... Cause what my future holds I really don’t know, But all these years I’ve wasted are starting to show... I wait for the day when I get a new start, Of living out the dreams I still hold deep in my heart... I hope I make it, I at least have to try, Cause I’m headed towards death & I don’t want to die! -Gustavo

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